Writing a biography in Microsoft word from scratch could be time consuming for you, however you can minimize your efforts and work in this regard with help of biography template which is created by our professionals in Microsoft word and a handful choice to stay away from errors and troubles when writing a biography. This Biography template can be downloaded here. Biography can be explained as a complete account of information about a person’s life. Biographies are usually written by peoples to gather and display information about another person’s life and different aspects of his or her life.

A biography can be just a few sentences long or can fill a complete book based on value, work, event history and contributions of the person for whom you are writing. Biography is different thing from autobiography as a biography is the story of a real person’s life written by someone else than that person.There can be a lot of reason behind writing a biography. For example, a biography may have written to educate public and locals about the person who the biography is about or to indicate his or her unforgettable contributions for the society. It is said by experts that any individual person writing a biography needs to find valid purpose in why he or she is writing the biography.

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As it is recently explained that a biography is a story written about someone’s life, it is different from a profile or curriculum vitae because it presents a person’s complete life story highlighting various aspects of his or her life just like introduction, qualification, professional capabilities, experience services made for the development of society etc. Writing a biography can be the integral part of an academic course or study program. However, these are also written to increase public awareness about the person form whom a biography is written. Aside from the purpose behind biography writing, it must be written in detailed manner by covering all important aspects of life about the person subjected in the biography.

Writing a biography is not a rocket science because complete range of the good times, the tragedies, the turns of fame and services of the person will come on down the page and a proper format is must to word a biography in best way. A biography template is added on this page for your reference and can be used after successful downloading. One simply need to edit the biography template in Microsoft word to add own details and info into the template in order to get a ready to print biography.

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Biography template